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VinLink.eu is our own IoT project that aims at reducing the amount of vineyard crop spraying to help wine makers save money while increasing the quality of their wine thanks to it being more eco friendly. All this is achieved by measuring micro-climatic weather data using modern weather stations.  These stations regularly send measured data to the IoT Cloud database which can then be accessed via VinLink Web Application on mobile and desktop. The data runs through a Galati vine disease prediction algorithm that has been proven to work for the last 30 years by hundreds of farmers. The algorithm output is then shown in the application itself in form of charts and tips on how and if you should treat your vineyard - whether to use crop sprays (and how intensive) or not. It helps farmers make important decisions in real time.



Branding, Web Design & Development, App UI Design & Development, Print Design

Custom made IoT weather stations

We modeled and 3D printed our own custom weather stations that would fill the needs of vine farmers. The weather stations automatically connect to the internet and send real time weather data to a cloud server thanks to our custom designed PCBs and built-in batteries that will last for years. That is something that we would not be able to achieve just a few years ago but now it is possible, cheaper and more reliable than ever.

3D Printing

We designed the whole weather station construction from top to bottom and thanks to modern 3D printing possibilities we were able to prototype and make it to production stage in a single year.

IoT Cloud

Each weather station is connected to the internet and sends data to the cloud database that can be then accessed using phones, tablet or desktops.

Eco friendly

Thanks to the disease prediction algorithm we are able to help farmers radically decrease the amount of crop sprays they use because they know how strong the infection pressure actually is.

Machine Learning

The next step in our journey is to take advantage of neural networks and machine learning from the IoT data we collect from the stations and from users to further improve the prediction algorithm.

Progressive Web App

VinLink application was designed and coded as a single page web app in Angular and will work as a Progressive Web App with future possibility of turning it into a native iOS and Android App.

VinLink Application Dashboard

The application dashboard works as a single page progressive web application and allows the users to see the real time and historical weather data right from their vineyards. There are also multiple charts to visualize the data for a given date range and export options to use the data in other apps or print in form of a PDF. We also plan on delivering a new functionality next season that would help the farmers get a donation from the government for participating in a integrated or ecological vineyard crop management.

Ease of use

Our goal was to make the application as easy to use and navigate as possible, not to waste anyone's time while delivering the most information in user interface that is nice to look at and easy to work with. Good user experience is a must.

VinLink.eu Project Website

The main project website is designed to match the material design best practices we used in the VinLink App itself and it is translation ready for the potential market expansion in the future.

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